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What does Wrapping mean?

“Wrapping” or “Covering”, a widely adopted English word which designates a technique aimed at applying a decorative or protective film to the whole of a vehicle (boat, truck, bus, car, motorcycle). This technique is generally used in the context of auto tuning and is now arriving for boating.

The technique of "Wrapping" or "Covering" appeared in France thanks to the arrival of new industrial materials allowing the application of adhesive printed with a visual or monochrome.

The fashion of car tuning has also contributed to the notoriety of this technique among a public passionate about the customization of vehicles. "Wrapping" or "Covering" consists of applying an adhesive film to the hull of a boat.

The advantages of the total "Wrapping" or "Covering" are multiple: protection of the gelcoat or the original paint, almost perfect and total decoration of the hull (up to the waterline), original personalization (makeover) and changes unlimited (unlike paint), hide light scratches and old paint or discoloration of original gelcoat.

Does the adhesive hold onto the shell?

Yes of course, the adhesives currently applied to cars are resistant to speeds of over 130 km / h and even to the mistreatment of high pressure cleaners, but also to the rollers of washing stations.

A boat that sails up to 40 knots will not lose them in the water. In addition, the adhesives we use are High Performance vinyl polymers, with great UV stability.

Resistant to most oils and greases, gasoline, aliphatic solvents, acids, salts and alkalis. They are guaranteed for up to 10 years depending on their color. They are colored throughout, with optimum color brilliance and radiance.

gray adhesive boat wrapping on a Bavaria 46

The guarantee of our adhesives

All our adhesives are specially designed for Total Covering or Wrapping on boats. Without folds or bubbles. If you use a spatula sold in our products and follow our video tutorials to see on the poses tab.

Guaranteed up to 10 years, depending on the colors.

The thickness of the film helps protect the case from scratches

Specially developed to ensure a very high level of conformability and excellent opacity. the other advantage of the adhesive: nothing is irreversible, thanks to the easy removal of the film without leaving a final trace of glue. Our adhesives are resistant to most oils and greases, gasoline, aliphatic solvents, acids, salts and alkalis.


High Performance, conformable polymer vinyls with great UV stability. Resistant to most oils and greases, gasoline, aliphatic solvents, acids, salts and alkalis. Mass-colored films, optimum color brilliance and radiance.


In adhesive, 2 days of installation on average for a boat of 9m / 30 feet. In painting, count more than a week.


The adhesive resists UV, abrasions, fading, protects and keeps the gelcoat intact. Simple maintenance. Ease of cleaning.


Less expensive than painting, on average 30% less.

Long life expectancy

Up to 10 years depending on the desired color or effect.


Environmentally friendly produced without solvent and without danger, it presents no risk to health.


You sell ! Or do you want another color? Just remove the film!

Why choose the adhesive solution?

• Less expensive than painting

• Reduced downtime of the boat

• No sanding, therefore, no gelcoat removed

• Protection of the hull and the original paintwork

• Total or partial decoration of the hull

• Original customization and unlimited changes

• Hides original paint, old scratches or discoloration of the hull

• More ecological

• Ease of resale

The hull of your boat is the first thing you see when you are at sea or at the dock. It is important that your boat looks the best it can when you sail, not only for your own enjoyment but for the enjoyment of others as well.

Salt, the sun as well as the friction of the fenders are the main attacks that your paint undergoes over the seasons.

The adhesive films we use have been designed to resist fading caused by salt and sun by providing durability comparable to that of a paint, and also withstand the various rubs that make it just as tough.

Having your boat repainted is an investment, brings you an economical alternative to painting.

Do you want to restore the hull of your boat to its original color at a lower cost while limiting its downtime and respecting the environment? offers you this opportunity! Our team is specialized in the renovation of boat hulls using the “wrapping” technique. Finished painting, leave room for the adhesive.

To renovate, personalize and protect the hull of your boat there is the technique of "Wrapping" which consists in applying a decorative adhesive film or a protective film on part or on the whole of the hull.

Discover a wide range of colors identical to paint.

These films are placed directly on the original paint, protect it and remove it without damaging it.

Protect your windows also offers tinting the windows of your boat with a wide range of solar protection and safety films.

Why apply films to the windows of your boat?

• Preserves your privacy from outside view

• Rejects 80% of heat and up to 99% of UV rays (prevents discoloration of your interior)

• Resists fire and vandalism

• Energy saving (reduces the use of your air conditioners)

champagne color adhesive boat hull wrapping brand Fountaine Pajot model MY37

Be unique!

How about changing the color of the hull of your boat as you wish? adapts to your wishes and requirements. We bring you a multitude of solutions to make the hull of your boat unique, original and in your image. Whether it's a change of color, printing a visual or a simple decoration, we have the solution.

Thanks to High Performance polymer vinyls, offers several ranges of colors identical to paint but also out of the ordinary (mat, variochrome, brushed aluminum, colored carbons, metal effect carbons, textured effects).

Want to change your interior without changing your furniture or decorate your walls, ceilings, doors and portholes as you wish?

Whether you are an individual or a professional, we offer you unlimited solutions. The range of removable adhesive films that we offer will allow you to decorate your interior at will according to the seasons, your mood and your tastes.

In addition, you will not have the disadvantages of painting work: no dust, no risk of damaging your floors and your furniture ...

Our graphic designer will guide you and advise you in your personalization process.