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What types of adhesive film are used?

We use adhesive films from the HEXIS (French company) and MACTAC brands which allow extreme deformations, high conformability, long durability. Our adhesives consist of an 80 micron multilayer cast PVC specially designed for covering boat hulls.

What are the differences with painting?

Adhesive films are an alternative to painting. They allow for rapid color change and offer a range of unique colors that paint cannot reproduce. In addition, they are easily removed and protect the original color of your boat's hull at the same time.

What to do if the hull is scratched, damaged?

Prepare and repair the scratched or damaged parts first. (In some cases we can take care of it, consult us)

Who performs the pose?

The installation of wrapping or covering is carried out in our workshops or at the homes of our customers on estimate, by our technicians approved and trained by the company HEXIS and MACTAC.

How long does the installation take?

Depending on the size of the boat, generally between 1 and 7 days.

When you ask there are no bubbles appearing?

The technology developed in our adhesives promotes the evacuation of air and therefore bubbles.

Does it fit on a hull? And how long?

Our adhesives can be used on all smooth surfaces in good condition and offer you up to 10 years of durability (depending on the choice of color). In addition, our work is guaranteed for 2 years.

What happens in the event of an impact or a collision? How do we repair?

In case of snagging or impact, we replace the damaged area by making a connection. This will be invisible more than 2 meters. You can carry out the intervention yourself if there is a small tear on a smooth part, otherwise it is better to call on our services.

Won't the fenders damage the film by rubbing on the hull?

Our adhesives are resistant to mechanical abrasion phenomena to a certain extent. We recommend using covers on your fenders.

Can we put a film on the living works of a boat, instead of antifouling?

No. Our adhesives have no antifouling action ... for the moment!

How to clean the adhesives? Are there any special precautions to be observed?

The maintenance is identical to that of a painting. However, do not use a pressure washer less than 50 cm at the risk of damaging your decoration. We advise you to use specific cleaning products. Contact our sales department for more information on these products.

Can I customize my boat with my own design?

Yes of course, the advantage of the adhesive is that it offers unlimited possibilities in terms of decoration and personalization. Digital printing can do anything you want. And to have a unique boat. Do not hesitate to contact us.

I bought a new boat, I like the color but I would like to protect it?

A transparent protective film is available. Glossy or matt finish 150 or 300 microns thick. Its excellent shock-absorbing properties also resist exposure to the sun, friction, fuels, washing brushes and high-pressure cleaners.

What is the cost of a renovation, personalization, protection,…?

Thank you to contact our sales department who will send you a "custom application sheet in each section of the site"

You say that the film can be removed, but won't there be traces of it over time? How do you do it?

Films are designed to be removed. Simple adhesive residues may remain but can be removed with suitable products without difficulty.