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Immatriculation de votre bateau en adhésif
Immatriculation de votre bateau en adhésif

Adhesive registration of your boat

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For your boat, jet ski, rigid tender.

Durability: 8 years

Kit including: 2 registrations (port and starboard) and installation instructions.


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Please note that the height will be changed from the highest letter to the lowest letter.

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immat adhésif


All of our selected fonts have line widths equal to or greater than current regulations.

The adhesive used is a high performance polymer adhesive vinyl resistant to seawater, diesel fuel, oils, light acids, etc.

Please note, any “eccentric” customization or one that does not correspond to what is indicated on your navigation map will not be carried out. The registration corresponds to the model shown in the photo.

Please note that any achievement that does not correspond to your registration will not be carried out.


Motorboats registered in France must bear this registration number in capital letters on both sides of the hull or superstructure. The dimensions of the markings are free, but a minimum size for each character must be respected according to the length of the boat:

- Less than 7 meters: 4 cm high and 1.5 cm wide. Line thickness: 0.5 cm.

- Between 7 and 12 meters: 7 cm high and 3 cm wide. Line thickness: 0.8 cm.

- More than 12 meters: 12 cm high and 5 cm wide. Line thickness: 1.5 cm.

- For VNM (jetski): 4 cm high and 1.5 cm wide. Line thickness: 0.5 cm.

The specific case of annexes: They must bear the word AX followed by the identification marks of the carrier vessel.

Internal marking: Since June 1, 2009, any newly registered vessel must bear an internal identification mark in the cockpit or near the cockpit.

This marking allows navigators in difficulty to give their registration by VHF to the emergency services and to facilitate the identification of wrecks when rescuers board. Made up of the registration number, this mark, with free dimensions, will be compulsory for all boats, whatever their registration date, from January 1, 2012.
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