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Immatriculation d’annexe souple
Immatriculation d’annexe souple

Flexible tender registration

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The marking of flexible PVC dinghies must be carried out with an adhesive capable of supporting the inflation and deflation of your dinghy.

This is the case of the adhesive that we offer, much cheaper than the price of a stencil and its paint and above all more aesthetic.

Please note, this adhesive is not suitable for hypalon annexes.

Kit including adhesive and installation instructions.


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Please note that the height will be changed from the highest letter to the lowest letter.

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immat adhésif spécial gonflable



Non-registerable vessel used for easement purposes from a carrier vessel, and showing the corresponding external identity marks.

The characters making up the identification marks and the three letters AX respect the following minimum dimensions:

- the height is 4 centimeters and the width reserved for each character is 1.5 centimeters

- the line thickness of the characters is 0.5 centimeters

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